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Motorcycle Insurance

auto    You're looking forward to having fun operating your new toy. But you also want the peace of mind knowing that you're covered should something happen.
   At Vanguard Insurance Solutions, our goal is to make the insurance buying process as easy as possible while also providing the best coverage possible for your hard-earned money. The benefit of working with us is we're an independent agent, and we are dedicated to bringing you reputable insurance companies that offer diverse and affordable options:

  •   * Accident forgiveness. The first minor accident against your record while operating a motorcycle may not be counted against you.

  •   * Safety apparel coverage. Some insurance companies add this benefit at no additional charge for basic coverage limits if equipment such as your helmet or goggles are lost or severely damaged in a collision.

  •   * Additional replacement cost coverage for customized and original equipment. Have peace of mind knowing the extra investment you made to enhance your motorcycle's appearance and value is covered.

  •   * Discounts are available for having recently completed a motorcycle safety course, multiple policies with the same insurance company, and paying the premium in full.

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