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We're at the Forefront for You

  There's so much going on in your busy world. So many things to do. So many things that happen. Vanguard Insurance Solutions gets it.
  By definition, vanguard is defined as being at the forefront of an advancing movement, field, or action of the like. So our mission is doing what is right by and for our customers. We want to make your insurance buying experience as easy as possible. And as a customer of ours, we're also looking out for you.
  • Our motivation is doing what is right by and for our customers.
  • You're not a statistic with us. You're the reason why we are in business.
  • Give us an opportunity to earn and establish an insurance relationship with you.
  • Let us work for you!

  • Auto Insurance

    The average cost of a new vehicle is more than $35,000 Are you protected?
  • Home Insurance

    The national average premium for a 12-month homeowner policy is $1,034; the average annual premium in South Carolina is $1,134. Are you getting the best homeowner quote possible?
  • Life Insurance

    A life insurance policy is a valuable financial instrument. We'll show you why.
  • Business Insurance

    We live in a litigious society. Your business is your livelihood. Allow us to customize a plan for you.