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Business Auto Insurance

auto    We live in a litigious society, and it is important more than ever that your South Carolina-based business is protected in the event you're held liabile whether intentional and unintentional.
   Vanguard Insurance Solutions is committed to ensuring that your business is protected, and we do so by crafting a business insurance plan that is flexible and meets your specific needs.
   Our goal is also to make your insurance buying process easy and understandable. We'll review and assess your current plan with several companies. Business auto insurance coverage and options also include:

  •   * Combined Single Limits (CSL). CSL offers a single limit for both bodily injury, whether one person or several persons involved, and property damage for claims you are held liable.

  •   * Hired/Non-owner Liability. Provides coverage for vehicles rented or leased (hired) for business purposes or employees (non-owned) who use their personal vehicles to conduct business for your company.

  •   * Medical Expenses. Otherwise known as personal injury protection (PIP). Provides coverage for nominal medical expenses that stem from injuries you or passengers sustain in an accident whether you're at fault or not at fault.

  •   * Depending on the insurance company, additional discounts are available if you have a business owners policy (BOP) and/or general libility policy in force. Our job is to find those additonal discounts for you.

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